Importance of This Field

▶As the remodeling market expands, so too will the future value of building remodeling

-By 2020, the size of the remodeling market is expected to grow to 10 trillion KRW, up from 1trillion KRW over the period 2005 to 2009. With national income around 20,000 USD, the leading force in the market will naturally shift from reconstruction to remodeling.

-As the AEC-FM industry contracts due to a reduction in the number of new building construction projects, and the industry strives to generate new business and seek breakthroughs, the future value of building redesign will grow.

▶The future value of buildings that respond to future climate change and demographic changes due to population aging will grow

-According to future emerging technology estimates, by 2020 the climate energy industry will be 7.2 times larger than the automobile industry and will surpass the IT industry as the world’s largest. The climate industry encompasses things like water shortages, environmental pollution, renewable energy, and green growth, and the biggest tasks are ahead are education, training, and changing awareness of these things.

-There will be a growing need for environment-friendly, high-performance buildings that can respond to the new demand and structural changes brought about by foreign and domestic environmental changes, rapid population aging, and rising demand for 1-2 person households.

Project Goals

▶Nurturing and educating internationally-competitive future creative expert

-In order to train internationally-competitive future creative talent, curriculum will be redesigned through benchmarking top-class outstanding overseas universities and research institutes. “A concrete and practical internationalization strategy will be established” that includes increasing the level of joint research activities, student exchanges, internships, cross-registration systems, and pushing for joint degree programs.

-In order to foster great autonomous research-centered universities by promoting global educational infrastructure, the number of English-only lectures will be increased, degree dissertations will be required to be written in English, students will be required to publish their work in international academic journals, and overseas university training will be intensified.

▶Specializing curriculum to provide IT-integrated design education for improving building performance

-The way to create this specialization of the educational program is through BIM education and research about building redesign, buildings responsive to climate change, buildings responsive to demographic changes, and advancement of methods to improve building performance. In particular, this means specialization by introducing building technology and evidence-based redesign techniques and providing technology-integrated building redesign model development education.

-The goal is to train practical, creative talents by providing expert education in building performance improvement design that is able to respond to each type of environmental changes as based on analysis of foreign and domestic climate change, specification of the direction of sub components therein, and strategic elements.

Anticipated Effects

▶It is expected that graduate students will steadily improve their research abilities and activities

-Stable research activities will improve by supporting research activities and other foreign and domestic academic activities though paying incentives such as scholarships and research funds.

-Improvements in the research abilities of participating graduate students will occur by requiring students to publish no fewer than 1-2 papers and participate in at least 1 academic conference annually.

▶Introducing an advanced educational system and cultivate global talent through MOUs

-Meeting the goal of becoming a world-class graduate school can be realized through the introduction of advanced and specialized curriculum through benchmarking.

-Accelerate internationalization by implementing long and short-term training programs so students can experience and be able to research first-hand and actively engage in international credit exchanges through on and offline international lectures from global leading partner universities.

-Host international academic seminars with invited foreign outstanding experts to level the playing field of international academic exchanges in the field of interior design.

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